Please view the conference sessions through the following links, If you have questions for the speakers, please contact them directly or send via email to PENNY@WVOMA.COM and they will get an answer for you asap.  

Please download the attestation form HERE, print, fill out and return via email when you complete the sessions.

Your certificate will be sent via email and hours reported directly to the AOA.   

  Note: The average presentation is 55 minutes. Some will run 90 minutes. Our total credit hours are 21 for the conference.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the research poster contest!  

In the category of Research/QIQA/Literature Review  

  • First Place – Alexandra P. Crawford - Impaired Vascular Endothelial Function is not Associated with Exacerbated Lung Allergic Response in Ovariectomized Asthmatic Mice
  • Second Place – Jake Depalo - The Effect of Prescription Exercise on Hypertension: A Literature Review
  • Third Place – Dina Mohamed-Aly - Improving Cervical Cancer Screening Utilization in a Rural WV Clinic: a QI/QA Project 

In the category of Case Studies  

  • First Place – Taylor Jones - A Woman with Plaques
  • Second Place – Robert Strait - Metastatic Melanoma to the Proximal Ureter
  • Third Place – Rafael Hamawi - Inherited Retinal Eye Disorders: a case of Choroideremia

Links to all the poster recordings: 

 Research/QIQA/Literature Review

Case Study


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